The Uses and the Limits of the Short Story: The Function of Character Migration in Alice Munro’s Lives of Girls and Women

This article explores the phenomenon of character migration in one of Alice Munro’s early works, Lives of Girls and Women from 1971. Munro vitally maintains the typical structure of the modern Anglo-American short story, with its tendency toward condensation and building toward its ending, as well as the form’s thematic principle of the epiphany concept. But she […]

The Sites of Uncertainty: The Politics and Poetics of Place in Short Fiction by James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner

This thesis is a study of the poetics and politics of place in the short stories of James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner. In an introduction, three chapters, each examining the short fiction of a writer, and a conclusion this thesis explores various aspects of understanding and representing place. Focusing on these writers’ short […]

The Short Story Cycle in Ireland: From Jane Barlow to Donal Ryan

NOTE: The original abstract of this dissertation is not readable. Therefore I have elected to post an excerpt from its introduction instead: The Short Story Cycle in Ireland (1890s – present):   Introduction  The short story cycle is a collection of interconnected stories, occupying a position mid-way between the loose collection of short stories and the […]

Behind the Boomgate: a short story cycle and accompanying exegesis

Lesley Harrison’s practice-led PhD is titled ‘Behind the Boomgate: A short story cycle and accompanying exegesis’. The short story cycle shares the experiences of baby boomers living permanently in a caravan park. The accompanying exegesis explores key writerly insights such as the inter-relationship of narrative form, character, plot and complexity, techniques needed for creating a […]

The Short Story Cycle in Winseburg [sic], Ohio

The dual nature of the short story cycle: the interdependence within the tales and the independence of each tale is unique as a literary genre, yet this produces tension between the two. The interdependence within the Winesburg tales is analyzed from consistency of the framing devices and the consistency of mood; the independence is explored […]