North of Vinland

What happens when the romantic and imperialistic stories of Canada’s north become clearly outmoded and unsustainable? In North of Vinland, my collection of linked short stories and essays, I explore the transition from an older narrative mode to a newer, hybrid mode responsive to the demands of the 21st century. In the short stories, I […]

Partial Reps

This thesis comprises chapters of a novel in progress titled Partial Reps. Its focus is a group of friends at a gym, particularly the friendship of an elderly man and the narrator. The work takes place in the Pacific Northwest between 2015 and 2018 with some digressions to earlier times. The accompanying expository document details […]

Between Us: A Short Story Cycle

“Between us” is a short story cycle that alternative between the perspectives of two sisters, Skylar and Harmony, and their love interest–Michael. This thesis explores the various ways in which people differently respond to grief and the impacts grief has on lives, relationships, and families. These stories also review the roles race and identity play […]

Watermark: a short-story cycle with an introduction to the genre and scholarship including a close reading of the text

Watermark, a short story cycle, as defined by Forest Ingram, Susan Garland Mann, and James Nagel, consists of twenty-five individually complete and interrelated stories and vignettes. Along with common characters and settings, the individual stories within Watermark resonate with themes of violence, love, cyclical behavior, amputated potential, self-denial, poverty, and imagination as escape. Through a […]

Fleeting glimpses, fragile moments: an exegesis to Stay

This thesis consists of the creative work Stay, a collection of interlinked short stories. Although wholly self-contained, each story in Stay makes a vital contribution to the collection as a whole. Characters are revisited. Tiny slices of their lives are glimpsed, moments expanded. At other times, the cast is left to stagger through time, from […]

Still Life with Guns

This creative work follows a long tradition of cross-genre writing in contemporary American literature. It is not an autobiography, the story of a life. Instead, it is a memoir, a story from a life. Specifically, it is the story of a new father’s struggle to understand his vexing relationship with his own father so that […]

Wayward Girls

Wayward Girls represents a culmination of my creative and critical work at the University of North Dakota. The dissertation includes a critical introduction, a collection of short stories, and a pedagogical article. In my critical introduction, I explain ways in which I manipulate narrative and time, the decisions I make about levels of discourse, my […]

On Smith Street and short stories in the Digi-social world

The notion that digital publishing has altered the way we read is one that is being increasingly studied. Less attention has been paid to whether digital publishing has changed the way writers write. As a short story writer I am most interested in this form and whether it is being impacted by the digitisation of […]

Near the Lewis & Clark Trail

Near the Lewis & Clark Trail is a creative writing thesis that contains two distinct parts. Part one is a short story cycle: a collection of interlinked narratives that together, tell a larger, cohesive story. Many different points of view, narrative techniques, and non-linear time sequences are used in order to provide a pastiche of […]

A House of Gravel

“A House of Gravel” is a short-story cycle exploring the relationships between a family of four and the hardships wrought by those relationships, as well as their own individual hardships. Partially, “A House of Gravel” explores a microcosm of trauma handed down through three generations, explored in highly-varying degrees: the grandparents, the parents, and the […]

The Sanctuary in Polish Hill

The Sanctuary in Polish Hill, a short story cycle set in the late 1900s to 2008, surrounds a women’s shelter in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, PA. Ruta Laksa, a second-generation Polish immigrant, moves to the neighborhood named for the influx of Polish immigrants in the late 1800s. Through vignettes of her life, Ruta finds solace in […]