Depictions of Communities in Short Story Cycles

Excerpt from the introduction: In 1988, Sarah A Zagarell published her article, “Narrative of Community: The Identification of a Genre”, to articulate the conventions of stories about communities. In response to the over-reliance of individualism in Western literature, Zagarell draws on historical and contemporary works that focus on the community to develop a genre dedicated […]

Inheritance: A linked short story collection

Inheritance is a linked short story collection of eight fictional narratives of lives impacted by interpersonal violence and abuse, along with the myriad of complexities we navigate through the course of our daily lives. Fictional stories often portray those who have experienced gendered violence as victims or as permanently harmed. Constructing victimized people as silenced, […]

North of Vinland

What happens when the romantic and imperialistic stories of Canada’s north become clearly outmoded and unsustainable? In North of Vinland, my collection of linked short stories and essays, I explore the transition from an older narrative mode to a newer, hybrid mode responsive to the demands of the 21st century. In the short stories, I […]

Reader participation in the composite novel

A comparative analysis of Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried and Pam Houston’s Waltzing the Cat. From: Vermillion, M. K. (2003). Reader participation in the composite novel: Tim O’Brien’s The Things They Carried and Pam Houston’s Waltzing the Cat (Texas Tech University). Link: The Things They Carried entry at Note: This thesis contains […]

Partial Reps

This thesis comprises chapters of a novel in progress titled Partial Reps. Its focus is a group of friends at a gym, particularly the friendship of an elderly man and the narrator. The work takes place in the Pacific Northwest between 2015 and 2018 with some digressions to earlier times. The accompanying expository document details […]

Watermark: a short-story cycle with an introduction to the genre and scholarship including a close reading of the text

Watermark, a short story cycle, as defined by Forest Ingram, Susan Garland Mann, and James Nagel, consists of twenty-five individually complete and interrelated stories and vignettes. Along with common characters and settings, the individual stories within Watermark resonate with themes of violence, love, cyclical behavior, amputated potential, self-denial, poverty, and imagination as escape. Through a […]

Fleeting glimpses, fragile moments: an exegesis to Stay

This thesis consists of the creative work Stay, a collection of interlinked short stories. Although wholly self-contained, each story in Stay makes a vital contribution to the collection as a whole. Characters are revisited. Tiny slices of their lives are glimpsed, moments expanded. At other times, the cast is left to stagger through time, from […]

The Sites of Uncertainty: The Politics and Poetics of Place in Short Fiction by James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner

This thesis is a study of the poetics and politics of place in the short stories of James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner. In an introduction, three chapters, each examining the short fiction of a writer, and a conclusion this thesis explores various aspects of understanding and representing place. Focusing on these writers’ short […]

Near the Lewis & Clark Trail

Near the Lewis & Clark Trail is a creative writing thesis that contains two distinct parts. Part one is a short story cycle: a collection of interlinked narratives that together, tell a larger, cohesive story. Many different points of view, narrative techniques, and non-linear time sequences are used in order to provide a pastiche of […]