Fleeting glimpses, fragile moments: an exegesis to Stay

This thesis consists of the creative work Stay, a collection of interlinked short stories. Although wholly self-contained, each story in Stay makes a vital contribution to the collection as a whole. Characters are revisited. Tiny slices of their lives are glimpsed, moments expanded. At other times, the cast is left to stagger through time, from […]

On Smith Street and short stories in the Digi-social world

The notion that digital publishing has altered the way we read is one that is being increasingly studied. Less attention has been paid to whether digital publishing has changed the way writers write. As a short story writer I am most interested in this form and whether it is being impacted by the digitisation of […]

Behind the Boomgate: a short story cycle and accompanying exegesis

Lesley Harrison’s practice-led PhD is titled ‘Behind the Boomgate: A short story cycle and accompanying exegesis’. The short story cycle shares the experiences of baby boomers living permanently in a caravan park. The accompanying exegesis explores key writerly insights such as the inter-relationship of narrative form, character, plot and complexity, techniques needed for creating a […]

Searching the Literary Spectrum for Place and Space

This thesis explores the diverse and dynamic nature of creative works that exist on the spectrum between the novel and short story genres. In my exegesis I discuss the unique characteristics of the novel and short story, in particular focusing on how short stories can be linked to varying degrees to form a collection that […]