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Behind the Boomgate: a short story cycle and accompanying exegesis

Lesley Harrison’s practice-led PhD is titled ‘Behind the Boomgate: A short story cycle and accompanying exegesis’. The short story cycle shares the experiences of baby boomers living permanently in a caravan park. The accompanying exegesis explores key writerly insights such as the inter-relationship of narrative form, character, plot and complexity, techniques needed for creating a short story cycle, and how these elements combine in social action writing. Combined, the two works alert society to the suffering and oppression of others with whom they may be unfamiliar, and how writers can use narrative power for social activism on their behalf.

from Harrison, Lesley Bronwyn. “Behind the Boomgate: A short story cycle and accompanying exegesis.” (See overview at Swinburne Research Bank)

Note: The short story cycle of this thesis is available (p. 16ff).

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