Expanded Universes in Science Fiction: A Matter of Integration

Still lacking theoretical definitions, expanded universes are an artistic phenomenon often seen in science fiction literature as well as innarratives in other media. This text proposes a mechanism to explain how these universes come into being. For this, we analyze a series of cases such as Robert A. Heinlen’s Future History, Ursula K. Le Guin’s […]

Overcoming the ‘Crisis of Nonrelation’ through Formal Innovation: Aboriginal Short Story Cycles (book chapter)

Excerpt from the introduction: Given the economic deprivation and social exclusion that many Indigenous Australians face, it comes as little surprise that issues such as poverty, domestic violence, alcoholism and drug abuse also feature prominently in Aboriginal literature, across all genres. More recent examples include, for instance, poetry by Romaine Moreton, the poetic memoir Too […]

“An Adventuress I Would Be”: Originality in Miss Cayley’s Adventures in The Strand Magazine

When read straight through as a novel, Miss Cayley’s Adventures (1898-99) appears to reside singularly within the detective genre; this reading limits our understanding of the ways in which Grant Allen challenges the anxieties regarding gender held by the contemporary, conservative readership of The Strand Magazine (1891-1950). Allen integrates multiple popular genres into the short […]

A House of Gravel

“A House of Gravel” is a short-story cycle exploring the relationships between a family of four and the hardships wrought by those relationships, as well as their own individual hardships. Partially, “A House of Gravel” explores a microcosm of trauma handed down through three generations, explored in highly-varying degrees: the grandparents, the parents, and the […]

The Sanctuary in Polish Hill

The Sanctuary in Polish Hill, a short story cycle set in the late 1900s to 2008, surrounds a women’s shelter in Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, PA. Ruta Laksa, a second-generation Polish immigrant, moves to the neighborhood named for the influx of Polish immigrants in the late 1800s. Through vignettes of her life, Ruta finds solace in […]

The Story-Cycles of the Bavli: Part 1

First paragraph: I n 1990 Eli Yassif published a ground-breaking article, “The Cycle of Tales in Rabbinic Literature,” in  Jerusalem Studies in Hebrew Literature. Yassif argued that the phenomenon of the story-cycle, namely, a cluster of stories told in sequence, occurs frequently in rabbinic literature  but has largely been ignored, as scholarship has concentrated mostly […]