Nomadic Genres: The Case of the Short Story Cycle

Excerpt: The short story cycle, often relegated to the margin of literary studies, offers a pertinent example of a nomadic genre. Because it resists definition, it inhabits a liminal space straddling the short story and the novel. The fixed centrality of the novel, as a recognized and well-established genre, is upset by texts trespassing borders […]

Two Worlds in One Book: “Ways of Sunlight” and the Migrant Short Story Cycle

This chapter argues that Sam Selvon’s short story sequence “Ways of Sunlight” (1957) pioneered a specific technique of constructing coherence between different narratives. While its first nine stories are grouped together under the title of “Trinidad,” the remaining ten appear in a section named “London.” Although the London stories ultimately bridge that separation by depicting […]

Wayward Girls

Wayward Girls represents a culmination of my creative and critical work at the University of North Dakota. The dissertation includes a critical introduction, a collection of short stories, and a pedagogical article. In my critical introduction, I explain ways in which I manipulate narrative and time, the decisions I make about levels of discourse, my […]

Roundtable: Affect, the Short Story, and the Cycle

First paragraph: The editors of this special section asked a panel of experts to weigh in on questions related to the short story, the short story cycle, genre and form, emotion, affect, and effects on the reader. The roundtable is divided into two sections, the first of which deals with connections between genre, form, and […]