Adapting fragmentation: changing borders in Olive Kitteridge (HBO 2014); Case Histories, (BBC 2011-2013); Love and Friendship (2016) and Sanditon (ITV 2019)

First paragraphs: Text and film are typically framed by liminal spaces or borders where the reader or viewer enters and/or leaves the narrative world, i.e. openings and endings. Generally speaking, openings introduce the reader to the narrative world, while endings negotiate the separation with the reader or viewer (Hock 67). Narrative endings are particularly significant […]

Cult: A Composite Novel

The first component of the thesis is a composite novel called Cult which falls into two parts with seven narratives in each. Part 1 tracks the protagonist, Ellen, from her first involvement with the cult through to her eventually leaving it. Although fiction,the first half of the book answers the kinds of questions the author […]

Performative Perspectives on Short Story Collections

The first part of this paper offers a brief theoretical discussion of the short story collection and raises some concerns about the relevance of its historical roots. In a second part, the concepts of performance and performativity are introduced in order to investigate how these concepts can play a relevant role in the theoretical description […]