The Sites of Uncertainty: The Politics and Poetics of Place in Short Fiction by James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner

This thesis is a study of the poetics and politics of place in the short stories of James Joyce, Sherwood Anderson and William Faulkner. In an introduction, three chapters, each examining the short fiction of a writer, and a conclusion this thesis explores various aspects of understanding and representing place. Focusing on these writers’ short […]

Winesburg, Ohio: A Modernist Kluge

First paragraph: Winesburg, Ohio: A Modernist Kluge It is now a matter of fact that the nonlinear, nonhierarchical, and delocalized functioning of the network has transformed the ways that many individuals define themselves, establish themselves in relationships, situate themselves in and apart from communities, and accumulate knowledge about what can be known in and about […]

The Short Story Cycle in Winseburg [sic], Ohio

The dual nature of the short story cycle: the interdependence within the tales and the independence of each tale is unique as a literary genre, yet this produces tension between the two. The interdependence within the Winesburg tales is analyzed from consistency of the framing devices and the consistency of mood; the independence is explored […]