Short Story Cycles

Artistic Originality of William Faulkner’s Stories

Exploring the concept of "cyclization" in William Faulkner's literary works.

This text explores Faulkner’s hierarchy of genres and his serious attitude towards the genre of the story in his prose.

The text also focuses on the concept of “cyclization” and its application to Faulkner’s work, particularly in his short story cycle, which was an important element of his prose. The author explains that the integrity of a cyclic art form is formed not due to the elimination of the primary integrity of its constituent elements, but on the condition of its preservation. The well-known “extraction” of an individual poem from the context of the cycle is no less important than its integrity or “indivisibility.” The author argues that the integrity of the cycle as a work of art, with all the autonomy and independent significance of the works included in it, is also indicated.

The text concludes by noting that the connection of parts in a cycle qualitatively differs from the connections of parts in an independent literary work because it does not have a “ready-made” form, but exists only as a possibility. The connections are based on the intertextual connection of the elements that make up the cycle.

From: Ne’matulla, Safarova Fotima (2023): “Artistic Originality of William Faulkner’s Stories” in THEORETICAL ASPECTS IN THE FORMATION OF PEDAGOGICAL SCIENCES International scientific-online conference

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Note: This is one of those articles I include because it concerns how a particular (and prominent) author uses short story cycles.


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