One Story, Many Voices: Problems of Unity in the Short-Story Cycle

Tracing the genre from its nineteenth-century antecedents to its present-day incarnations, my dissertation argues that the rise of the short-story cycle constitutes one of the most influential and generative developments in US literary history. Although usually divided among disparate genres and periods, short-story cycles by Caroline Matilda Kirkland, Sarah Orne Jewett, and other so-called regionalists, […]

Locating the Short-Story Cycle

First paragraph: During the summer of 1938, Sherwood Anderson began work on a new novel, but he was unhappy with the result. In a letter to a friend, he attributes the problem to form: “I was seeking a form that would bring me a feeling of looseness and ease. In the meantime I wrote some […]

Born in the Workshop: The MFA and the Short-Story Cycle

A short article from Jennifer J Smith who is also the author of The American Short Story Cycle (2018). A review of this book can be found here. First paragraph (of the article): This spring my alma mater, Indiana University, is offering a literature class geared toward MFAs called “The Interconnected Story Collection.” The genre—also […]